“Over the past four years we have had two children enrolled in the Casa program at P.T. Montessori. We have been so pleased with the attention, care and education they have received. The benefits of the Montessori program are self-evident as you will see your child develop self-confidence, social development, and intellectual learning. This program and the dedication of the teachers at P.T. Montessori have provided our children with a strong foundation for success. We would highly recommend this school to anyone.”

– Alenna and Steve –


“We have two children at P.T. Montessori one in Casa and one in Elementary. The school is dedicated to the Montessori philosophy and provides an enriched environment where children are encouraged to explore. The education is top notch and we continue to be amazed by the new concepts that our children are able to grasp. Our girls are developing self-confidence, problem solving skills and a respect for others. They love going to school.”

– John and Daniela Marchetti –


“As parents of two children who had the pleasure and benefit of attending P.T. Montessori School, we proudly and confidently attest to the exceptional learning environment they were exposed to. Under the guidance of their classroom directresses our daughters developed and finessed skill sets, practical and academic, which they used to advance into the next phases of their schooling. The years our children attend PTMS were extremely enjoyable for them, and definitely the best investment in their education that we as parents could have made.”

– Rehana and Ansari –


“After informing ourselves about the Montessori Method, our family felt that this was the best approach to education. We chose P.T. Montessori because it was AMI accredited and conveniently located in our area. From the day we first came to see the school and meet the staff, we knew it was the right place for our daughter. Your view was that the students challenged to their level of ability by a teaching staff that was both understanding and sensitive to students special social and academic needs. It was exactly what we were looking for.

When our daughter joined PTMS she was a newcomer in Grade 1, a little shy and insecure, however, we were impressed how she got help from the older students and was made welcome. Now, after completing the three year cycle the roles are reversed and she is in a leadership position which she enjoys very much. Over the years she has learned to respect herself and others and to be confident in herself and her abilities. Since her class size is quite small, her teacher is able to give her and her academic development full attention. We believe we made a good decision for her (and plan to keep her there until Grade 6).”

– Sasha and Analyn Tiosavljevi –